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(Note: any item listed as temporarily sold out means that we expect to have them available again in the next 12 months. Please check back later in the year or contact us to reserve plants/seeds of these species.)

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Toadshade Wildflower Farm Hat

Acer rubrum

Acer saccharum

$5.00 $17.75-21.25
Aesculus flava

Betula papyrifera

Plants Temporarily Sold Out
Carpinus caroliniana

$5.00 $20.25
Plants Temporarily Sold Out
Celtis occidentalis

Cercis canadensis

Seed Temporarily Sold Out
Cornus alternifolia

Cornus florida

$5.00 $16.75-19.25
Cornus sericea

Plants Temporarily Sold Out
Diospyros virginiana

Juniperus virginiana

$5.00 $14.75-15.25
Plants Temporarily Sold Out
Larix laricina

Ostrya virginiana

Pinus strobus

Prunus serotina

$5.00 $17.75-22.25
Quercus rubra

Plants Temporarily Sold Out

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