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One of our best known native small trees with lots of 4 to 5 inch showy white flowers from March through May, oval pointed leaves turn burgundy red in the fall at the same time the terminal clusters of berries are turning bright red, birds & other small critters really like the seeds (especially bluebirds!), even the bark of mature trees gets a lovely gray checkered pattern that is attractive & distinctive in the winter garden & forest (leading to one of our all time favorite bad puns - you can always tell a Dogwood by its bark!), larval food plant for one of our first butterflies of spring - the Spring Azure Butterfly (Celastrina-ladon) as well as the Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta ), suitable for bonsai (!). State flower of North Carolina & Virginia!

Dry To Moist
Sun To Part Shade
up to 25 foot tall & 15 foot Wide
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-8b

Native Range: c. MI to s. ON & s. ME, south to c. FL & e. TX. Rare in ME, NY & VT

Germination - Moderately Difficult: Soak overnight. Cold Stratify 12 weeks. Some may take 2 years.

Flowering Dogwood 1-2 foot in a Half Gallon pot $16.75
Flowering Dogwood 2-3 foot in a Half Gallon pot $19.25
Flowering Dogwood Seed Packet $5.00

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Flowering Dogwood Drawing