Pennsylvania Blackberry Picture

Arching thorny canes bear white flowers from May to June followed by plump and tasty blackberries, major nectar source for native and honey bees, large leaves are palmately compound on new canes and trifoliate on 2nd year canes (which produce the flowers and fruit), spreads by tip-rooting and seed. Although these plants are drought tolerant they need sufficient moisture during fruit ripening or their fruit will simply dry up.

Dry To Average
Sun To Shade
2-5 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 2a-7b
Woody shrub
Deer resistant

Native Range: Labrador to MN, south to AL

Germination - Difficult: 3 months Warm then 3 months Cold Stratification. Needs warm soil to germinate. May take multiple years

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Pennsylvania Blackberry Drawing

Pennsylvania Blackberry Picture