Staghorn Sumac Picture

Chartreuse flowers in June and July usher in showy horns of fuzzy deep red fruits that adorn the female plants into the winter months, young branches are densely hairy and do indeed resemble antlers "in velvet", long (up to 2 foot!) compound leaves have as many as 31 leaflets & turn bright red in fall, fruit provides winter food for a variety of wildlife including songbirds & others (bluebirds, grouse, quail, etc.), salt & drought tolerant, nectar source for honey bees, forms colonies.

Dry To Average
Sun To Part Shade
15-30 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-8b
Woody Shrub

Native Range: s. QC & ON, south through MN & NE to AL & the GA mts)

Germination - Moderately Difficult: Hot soak overnight. Cover lightly.

Staghorn Sumac 6-12 inch in a quart pot $17.75 (Temporarily Sold Out*)

Staghorn Sumac Seed Packet $5.00

*We normally carry this item but are temporarily sold out. We expect to have it available again as soon as our plants in production reach sufficient size/maturity or we harvest more seed. In some cases, plants may be recovering from caterpillar damage (Monarchs love our Milkweed), wind or hail damage, rampaging woodchucks, downed trees, or other natural issues. We are constantly updating our web site so please check back again.

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Staghorn Sumac Drawing

Staghorn Sumac Picture

Staghorn Sumac Picture