Common Evening Primrose Picture

Leafy spikes bear large (up to 2 inch across) yellow lemon-scented flowers from July through August, flower open each evening and close by noon, attracts hummingbirds, large strap-like basal leaves (up to 1 foot long) give rise to smaller leaves on the flowering stalks, birds love the seeds, establishes well in sandy & rocky soil, drought tolerant. Note: this plant is a BIENNIAL (as the scientific name would imply) that flowers and dies every other year.

Dry To Average
Full Sun
2-6 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4b-10a

Native Range: Labrador west across s. ON to WA, south to NM & FL

Germination - Very Easy: Surface sow, germinates at cool temperatures

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Common Evening Primrose Drawing

Common Evening Primrose Picture