Sharpwing Monkey Flower Picture

The numerous large (1") lavender flowers that bloom from June through September are thought by some to resemble a monkey's face (?!), smooth leaves 2-4 inch long on sharply 4-angled stems, found in low woods, marshes, stream margins, & wet ditches, food plant for Common Buckeye Butterfly caterpillars (Junonia coenia), spreads by rhizomes & seed, good rain garden plant.

Moist To Wet
Sun To Part Shade
1-3 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-8b
Deer Resistant

Native Range: MA, s. ON, NY & s. MI, across to e. NB, south to n. FL & e. TX. Rare in CT, IA, MA, MI & NY

Germination - Easy: Cold stratify 6 weeks, tiny seed, surface sow

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Sharpwing Monkey Flower Drawing

Sharpwing Monkey Flower Picture