Virginia Stickseed Picture

Branched racemes up to 1 foot long produce small saucer-shaped white flowers June to August, 1st year plants produce a rosette of very large attractive leaves (up to 10" long), 'sticky' Velcro-like seeds cling to fur (and clothes!) and will often attach themselves in great numbers, flowers attract small native bees (Halictid bees) and support other beneficial insects. This plant is best for naturalizing in wild, wooded areas.

Dry To Moist
Part Shade To Shade
2-4 foot Tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-8a
Deer Resistant

Native Range: ME to ND, south to ne. TX and the GA mountains

Germination - Very Easy: No treatment

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Virginia Stickseed Drawing

Virginia Stickseed Picture

Virginia Stickseed Seedling