Purple Leaf Willow Herb Picture

A relatively dainty upright plant with a preference for disturbed areas, this species produces small, somewhat showy delicate white/pink flowers, each with four petals, from June-September. Each flower turns to a slender upright seedpod which splits as it dries, releasing a large number of wind-dispersed seeds. Leaves are lance-shaped, with delicate teeth, and often turn a pretty purple or red in fall or when the plant is facing adverse moisture or light conditions. Tolerates drought, occasional flooding, poorly drained soil, wetlands, and disturbed conditions. Supports a variety of small pollinators and host to a number of moth species. The name "Cinnamon Willow Herb" comes from the reddish-brown color of the fine tuft of hairs attached to each seed which aids in wind dispersal. Considered a pioneer species in disturbed areas, and capable of spreading rhizomatically as well as by seed.

Moist To Wet
Sun To Part Shade
1-3 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-7a

Native Range: ME south to FL, west to LA, OK, KS, NE, SD, and ND. Native to Canada in ON, QC, NB, and NS. Rare in AL, LA, OK, and ND.

Germination - Very Easy: No treatment. Surface sow.

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Purple Leaf Willow Herb Picture