Yellow Corydalis Picture

adorable, delicate species of sparse woodlands, ravines, and ridges. Flowers are somewhat showy, yellow, and tube-shaped, blooming from April-June before turning to dry seed capsules which split when ripe. Leaves are quite striking: fine and almost fernlike, with a distinctive blueish cast making them very attractive in a garden or natural setting. Tolerates disturbed soil (in fact has a bit of a preference for it), poor-quality soil, and occasional flooding, although the roots aren't especially deep, and it does not tolerate much disturbance as a mature plant. Considered quite rare in parts of its range, and often can only be found along ridges!

Dry To Average
Sun To Part Shade
6-16 inch tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 6a-8b

Native Range: NY and CT south to FL, west to LA and north to NE, IA, IL, and MI. Native to Canada in ON. Rare in NY, CT, DE, GA, NE, IA, and MI.

Germination - Very Easy: No treatment. Keep seed refrigerated until planting

Yellow Corydalis Seed Packet $4.00

Yellow Corydalis Drawing

Yellow Corydalis Picture