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This is a striking ornamental grass, an inland relative of the sea-oats that naturally stabilize sand dunes along the east coast, it has a narrow upright to arching shape, forms very handsome 10-12" ornamental spikelets in late July that sway in the breeze, persist into the winter & turn bronze, can be collected & used effectively in dry arrangements, spreads by short rhizomes to form colonies, clay tolerant, host plant for Pepper & Salt Skipper Butterfly (Amblyscirtes hegon), Bell's Roadside-Skipper Butterfly (Amblyscirtes belli) & Bronzed Roadside-Skipper Butterfly (Amblyscirtes aenus) caterpillars.

Average To Moist
Sun To Part Shade
3-5 feet tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-9b
Deer Resistant

Native Range: PA & NJ to MI & WI, south to FL, TX & AZ. Rare in MI

Germination - Easy: Cold Stratify 8 weeks

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