Shining Bur Sedge Picture

Dense spikey clusters of teardrop shaped inflated seed capsules are formed from May to July, leaf blades are up to 1' long and less than 0.5" wide, plant develops a loosely tufted appearance, easily tolerates occasional flooding, a good rain garden plant, host to several butterflies and moths, including Appalachian Brown (Satyrodes appalachia) & Eyed Brown (S. eurydice) Butterflies and Mulberry Wing (Poanes massasoit), various birds & wildlife eat the seeds, if planted in full sun it requires plenty of moisture. Found growing wild in bottomland hardwood forests, wet meadows and ditches where the soil is often wet.

Average To Moist
Sun To Shade
2' tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-9a
Deer Resistant

Native Range: sw. QC to MN, south to w. New England, LI, n. NJ, FL, AR, & OK. Rare in MA

Germination - Easy: cold stratify 8 weeks

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Shining Bur Sedge Drawing