Green Dragon Picture

Peculiar green whip-like 'tongues' reach out from the flowers of this rare and exotic-looking woodland native plant in June, mature plants will produce large bunches of shiny red berries in fall, a single large (up to 1 foot or more) compound leaf with 3 to 12 leaflets emerges before the flower, bulbs are small-ish and self-divide constantly to form colonies, prefers rich soil.

Average To Moist
Part Shade To Shade
1-2 feet tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-9b
Deer Resistant

Native Range: s. NB to s. ON, e. MN & e. NB, south to n. & c. Texas & FL. Rare in MA, NH, NY & VT

Green Dragon 3.5 inch pot $14.75
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Green Dragon Drawing

Green Dragon Picture