Frost Grape
aka: Winter Grape
Vitis vulpina

PurpleDark Swish

Elongate clusters (panicles) of sweetly fragrant tiny yellow/green flowers from June to July give rise to bunches of delicious dark purple juicy berries that change from sour to sweet after the first light frost, large heart-shaped leaves up to 6" long and 4" across with serrated edges, climbing by tendrils (produced every 3rd node), older vines can get quite large with bases up to 4" in diameter, shredding gray/brown bark, tolerates only light shade, excellent wildlife food for many birds and mammals (and even box turtles), terrific pollen source for native bees. Host plant to a variety of moths including the A vigorous vine that needs lots of room. Nessus Sphinx (Amphion floridensis), Pearly Wood Nymph (Eudryas unio), and the beautiful and wonderfully named Bad Wing (Dyspteris abortivaria). A vigorous vine that needs lots of room.

Average To Moisyt
Full Sun
60' tall (supported)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-9b
Woody Vine

Native Range: NB west through s CN to c MT, south to LA & NC

Germination - Easy: Plant outdoors in fall or cold stratify 3 months

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Frost Grape Drawing