Blue Vervain Picture

Blue Vervain
aka: Swamp Verbena
Verbena hastata


Rings of blue-violet tubular flowers advance up the many densely flowering spikes of the candelabra-like flower heads from June through October, lance-shaped toothed leaves up to 6 long, stout stemmed, attracts butterflies, great for native & honey bees, larval host for Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia coenia), good cut flower, rain garden plant, songbirds like the seeds, a short lived perennial so let it seed in.

Moist To Wet
Sun To Part Shade
2-5 tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-8b
Deer resistant

Native Range: NS to BC, south to n. FL and AZ

Germination - Easy: Cold stratify 8 weeks

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Blue Vervain Drawing