Highbush Blueberry Picture

Highbush Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum

White Swish

Clusters of little bell-shaped white/pink flowers are pollinated by Bumblebees & specialist native bees in April & May producing lots of delicious Blueberries, small leaves turn beautiful red in fall, an upright shrub with twiggy branches, requires rich acid soil to grow well, 2 plants recommended for fruit set, excellent wildlife food. Host plant to several butterflies and moths including Callophrys henrici Butterfly (Henry's Elfin), Pink-edged Sulphur Butterfly (Colias interior) Huckleberry Sphinx Butterfly (Paonias astylus) .

Sun To Part Shade
4-8' tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-8b

Native Range: NS across the s tip of QC and ON, to MI & IL, south to FL & e TX

Germination - Moderately Difficult: Surface sow, cold stratify 8 weeks, use acid soil, requires high humidity to germinate, very slow to germinate & grow

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Highbush Blueberry Drawing

Highbush Blueberry Picture