Virginia Creeper Picture

Virginia Creeper
aka: Woodbine
Parthenocissus quinquefolia

White Swish

Attractive climbing deciduous vine with clusters of small whitish or greenish flowers from May through July, leaves 5-6" - divided into 5 parts (almost like a hand) which turn a beautiful rich red in the fall, tendrils on vines ending in clinging disks which will climb on anything, produces black to dark blue berries in July & August that persist into the fall, food plant for Eight-spotted Forester (Alypia octomaculata), Abbotts Sphinx Moth (Sphecodina abbottii), Pandorus Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha pandorus), Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth (Darapsa myron) & White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata) caterpillars, berries are food for many wintering birds including Tanagers & Blue Birds, salt tolerant, clay tolerant, good rain garden plant. This vine can be used very effectively as a ground cover!

Dry To Moist
Sun To Shade
up to 9
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-9b
Woody Vine
Deer Resistant

Native Range: FL to TX & Mexico, north to se. ME, s. NH, VT, sw. QC, NY, IN, IL & MN - spread from cultivation elsewhere

Germination - Easy: Cold stratify 6 weeks

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Virginia Creeper Picture