Fourleaf Yam Picture

Fourleaf Yam
Dioscorea quaternata


Unusual herbaceous twining vine with beautiful pleated glossy 5 heart-shaped leaves in whorls at the base changing to alternate further up, leaves are held upwards from the stem giving the plant a tiered appearance, inconspicuous streams of green flowers in June produce attractive papery 3-sided seed capsules which cascade in brown chains from the female vines from late summer into early winter, thick rhizomes form colonies, favors dry rocky slopes, leaves turn bright yellow in autumn.

Dry To Average
Part Shade To Shade
to 10 (supported)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5a-8a
Perennial Vine

Native Range: NJ to MN, south to n. FL and e. TX

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Fourleaf Yam Drawing

Fourleaf Yam Picture